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How to install a Blogger template?

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1. Download the template and unzip the file (you can use a free unzipper software).


2. Go to your blog design section (Dashboard → Design → Edit HTML ).

3. Backup your previous template (Download full Template).


4. Find and upload the xml file.

5. If you see the following warning:


Click “keep widgets“.

6. Enjoy!


  1. this if old blogger, how to install to new blogger

  2. Hi am just download this template.Its very nice.But the slider is not working. So pls Help Me.

  3. @Admin

    Yes I can Help You, can you give me your url, i can help you to fix it

  4. I am having trouble getting "Headlines" feature to work on my blog. can u help me please?

  5. @British Lab Music

    Yes Friend I can Help You, you can contact me directly, use this link for Contact


  6. in new blogger i've been trying to add new template "TwentyEleven" by copy and pasting, and it keeps gave me errors, but after hours and hours, i saw this "backup/restore" button, then there's upload feature, just like in the old blogger, so i upload the xml, and it surprisingly worked, F**K!!! (give my time back blogger developper b**ches!!!!) F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    How to remove slider..

  8. @Ridha Illahi
    If YOu Want Remove Slider, You Should Post Your blog url, i can help you to remove slider

  9. hi lasindu..this template awesom..but i get problem with slider and many things..can u help me...

    this my blog

  10. @Harry Vibiz
    thanks for using our templates,read this post

    you can add slider easily


  11. I would love some help on fixing the header. The title shows up low (half on the white area). Thanks so much!!

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