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SlapMag Premium Blogger Template

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You Can Buy This Template Here, And Contact Us With Your Email (Paypal Email) And Your Transaction Id, Im send This Theme To Your Email Within Maximum 2 Hours, Thanks


  1. Anonymous

    Ponganla Gratis ;)

  2. Anonymous

    I have two questions:
    1. Is it free from footer links?
    2. can i pay via alertpay?

  3. @Anonymous
    1. Is it free from footer links?

    Yes This Template Free from footer links, and yoy can replace with your own link,

    2. can i pay via alertpay?

    sorry, im not accept alertpay, only paypal and moneybookers, if you have moneybookers please contatc me


  4. ;(((((((((((((((((( free Please

  5. @RogeriooSouza
    hi friend

    im send email for you,


  6. I bought it, check your email account, i send email from Wellinthon_He bought ... Please, payment has been deposited

  7. @Imaginario Administrador

    Thanks To Buy My Premium Template Design, Im Send You Theme File Today, (Im Send Your Template File To Your Paypal Email Address)

    If YOu Have Any question Please Contact Me


  8. Very nice! When we buy it can we customize it?

  9. @Gay Aida | Bloggers Tech

    Sure You Have Permission For customize It,if you want help to customize i can help you


  10. I have payed for the template. Please check your email. Thanks. i sent it from hoodblockparty@yahoo

  11. @HBP Radio

    Thanks To Buy This Template. Friend your template file already send. if you want any slapmag blogger template help, i will help you,

  12. @HBP Radio

    You welcome Friend, If you Have Any Question Please Contact Me, I can Help You Any Time, Good luck

  13. Anonymous

    ;(((((((((((((((((( free Please

  14. @Riicardo Porraz

    Im Very Sorry, Its Not a Free Template, Its Very Cheap Premium Blogger Template

  15. Is this theme will be hosted in your website ( Is is really $10.

  16. @matt

    No This Template Hosted On Blogger Host,Yes Its Only $10.
    If You Want Buy This Template You Can Use Paypal Buy It Now Button

  17. Alright, thanks for the information.

  18. hy mister i want buy your template..please replay my email..

  19. @kimzaqi
    Please Check Email. Im Send Reply To You

  20. Hy Mr I have payed for the template. Please check your email.I sent it from

  21. Anonymous

    ;(((((((((((((((((( free Please

  22. Akim

    hi how to buy this theme, if i purchase can you make a logo 4 me same like slapmag logo..

  23. @Akim

    If You buy This I Send Full ZIP File With PSD File For You. You Can Change It with Your Style Easily

  24. Hi, how about license? is unlimited blogspot that we owned? thanks, its great design, can you provided blogger template for wallpaper?

  25. @andre
    you can use ultimate blogger and blogger sites, if you like to wallpaper blogger template, i can design your own template for blogger, please contact me using our contact page

  26. I'm waitting for your answer to my e-mail! Please check it!

  27. @Carlos Pinheiro
    friend i havent received any email from you, ( use this URL for contact us


  28. @Carlos Pinheiro
    friend do you send massage using but i havent received any massage

    please re check


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  30. Great Template! I want to by but is there any other way to pay other than paypal? Nice one for Blogger.

  31. @itti
    Thanks For Your Honest Review,

    If You Haven't PayPal. you Can User Moneybookers.


  32. I just bought this template please check your email

    No Discount, Only $10

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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