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Pro Web Design Blogger Template

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Pro Web Design Blogger Template

More About Blogger Template
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Pro Web Design Blogger Template
DescriptionsIf you want design Related Blogger Template, This is good for you, This template design for webdesign, graphic design and any type of design related sites, its 2 Column, 1 Right Sidebar, top menu, Free Premium, clean, easy to use, Wordpress Look, pure design, Green, Gray, White, Slider, tabs and more
Template Author
DesignerLasindu Nadishan
Instructions URL How to install Blogger Template correctly ?

How To Install a Blogger Template In New Blogger Interface
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  1. working on ur Pro Web Design Blogger Template, how to remove date header from it?

  2. @श्रेया
    hi i can help you can you send screen shot about this date header? i cant understand what you say


    see here....i have marked a red rectangle.
    also wanted to know the tweak for removing that "read more" tab in the post.

  4. @श्रेया
    hi friend

    GO To Blogger - Design - Edit HTML

    and Find

    .postmeta-primary {

    Add This Code After This "{"

    display: none;

    if you add This "display: none;" Code After YOu Can See This CSS After Like This

    .postmeta-primary {
    display: none;


  5. Hi! I saw you're also the author of "androidy template", and im having the same problem with both templates. The xml file doesnt contain the slider! Can you please tell us how we can fix it/add it ? Thanks!

  6. @Catarse

    androidy Blogger Template Design By Me, I Post Slider Tutorial On coolbthemes blog. Visit This Url and You Can See How To Add This Slider


  7. Nice blog design! Thanks for sharing great information.

  8. It worked! Thank you for your quick and efficent reply, @Lasindu. One last thing: I'd like to change the Androidy Logo (not the cellphone image) to my own logo. But I didnt find where to replace it with my image link. Can you help me (last time, i promise, haha)?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. @Catarse
    Friend What is a cellphone Image? I Can't Find It

  10. @Catarse

    im sorry, I frogot you want Androidy Blogger Template :D

    Search This Image and Replace It


  11. Thanks mate! But i was talking about the logo! That image where is written "Androidy by coolbthemes" this one here:

    Thanks again!!

  12. @Catarse

    Its My Custom Design, you can design (418px x 100px)

    you can design logo your self

    and go to Design and click edit on header

    after upload logo

  13. Anonymous

    oh, ok. Understood. Thank you for all your support, Lasindu.

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