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Pinfinity Blogger Template

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More About Pinfinity Blogger Template
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Pinfinity Blogger Template
DescriptionsPinfinity Blogger Template is a Quality Gallery Style Blogger Template, Tis Template Auto Re-size With Your Monitor,This Template Look Template.its Premium Quality Blogger Template. 3 Column Template With Top Menu Links,
Template Author
Instructions URL How to install Blogger Template correctly ?

How To Install a Blogger Template In New Blogger Interface
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  1. i added this template to my blogger blog. But it shows only 4 posts in homepage. I tried editing in blogger settings. But no use.. pls help me...

  2. @Sebin Thomas
    Can you post your blog url?

  3. here is my url-

  4. @Sebin Thomas
    im checked your blog, can you add new 5 blog post for this site, after we can check it again

  5. i added 5 new post now.. please check and give me a solution..

  6. @Sebin Thomas
    Im Checked your Blog. I can't fix This Bug, Please contact This Template Designer - you can find solution


  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  8. @Sebin Thomas
    Im Happy TO Solved Problem, but dont spam here, your spam comment content removed

  9. Sophie

    How do I centralize my posts on the home page? they are indented to the left...

  10. @Sophie
    Can You Post Your Blog Url Here, I Want Check It, So I Can Help You

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