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Putih Pekat Blogger Template

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Putih Pekat Blogger Template

More About Putih Pekat Blogger Template
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Putih Pekat Blogger Template
DescriptionsPutih Pekat Blogger Template is a free premium style quality blogger template, its simple style template with 2 column and 3 column footers, 1 left sidebar, top menu links, css3 and html 5 design, white, gray and black colr template
Template Author
Instructions URL How to install Blogger Template correctly ?

How To Install a Blogger Template In New Blogger Interface
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    Hi! Thank you for this GORGEOUS and minimalist template, I’m looking into starting a blog and this is the perfect design <3 I have a question though, I searched in a few forums but couldn't find the solution: I wish to remove the automatic "read more" feature and show each post in its entire length. Which lines of coding should I remove/modify?
    Actually I understand that the whole post concept is about simplicity, which is why we’re only showing an excerpt of the text + a cropped photo of the same size each time, but I would like to know if there’s a way to show the entire post with all the pictures as well. thanks!

  2. @yili

    hay i think i can help you

    please send your demo link, i can fix it


  3. Hi Mr. Admin :)

    That's so kind of you, it would be wonderful if you could help me fix the codes. Here is the link to the blog I'm working on :

    I have removed the "popular posts" slider, it's the only change I have made so far.


  4. @yili
    friend do you want only remove auto read more option ?

  5. Yes, i would like each post to show entirely and remove the automatic photo cropping that comes with this design. :)

  6. @yili
    Ok i will edit this and i can post download link here

  7. You are so kind, I will definitely not forget to add your name to the credits!!

  8. hi, I cannot find the new download link for the modified layout. Have you uploaded it here?

  9. @yili
    friend im forgot it, do you want remove read more option only.?

  10. Yes, I want to remove "read more" option, so that the entire post and entire pictures are showing :) thanks!

  11. @yili
    sure i will add here to download links using, if my work is slow, please contact me


  12. Hello i would like to remove the automatic photo cropping that comes with this design to i have check friends blog it's fantastic that way can u help me to?

  13. @Değmesin Yağlı Boya
    sure i can
    please contact me

  14. Thank you so so much..can i have any mail or something to contact with you please show me the way ..

  15. @Değmesin Yağlı Boya
    Yes you can Contact me Using This link

  16. Anonymous

    Hi, I would like to get rid of the "read more" option aswell, please. Do you know how? Thankyou.

  17. Did anyone find the answer as to how to remove read more and show each post in it's entirety? I want to do that too!

  18. Hi! Do you know if there is a solution to remove read more option and show full posts on the home page? thank you very much!

  19. Do you have any update regarding the read more option? That would be really helpful, thank you..

  20. Has anyone found a way to remove the read more option and show the full post in the homepage feed?

  21. My popular posts slider isn't changing - has this happened with anyone else?

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