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RB Simple Blogger Templates

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RB Simple Blogger Templates Free Download For Clean And Simple Premium Style Blogger Blog's
More About RB Simple Blogger Templates
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name RB Simple Blogger Templates
DescriptionsFree RB Simple Blogger Templates is a Clean Magazine Style Blogger Template. Its 2 Column Blogger Template With 1 Right Sidebar,  300x250Px and  468x60px Ads Banner Ready. Social Icons Collection and Email Subscribe Box Ready, Auto Every Blog post's Summarizing and "readmore" text.4 images slider with simple menu links with easy drop down option, random post show in the footer area. this random effect has tool tip using jquery, and this template has Back To Top Option, This Template Suitable For Personal And Dairy Style Blogger Blog's
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Instructions URL How to install Blogger Template correctly ?
How To Install a Blogger Template In New Blogger Interface
Tags search RB Simple Blogger Template
RB Simple Blogspot Template
RB Simple B Template
RB Simple Blogger Theme
RB Simple Blogspot Theme
RB Simple B Theme


  1. how to change total summary post in home page? thank you

  2. @Asalasah
    You Cant Change It, Its Using Data Snip Method, If You Want change It you Should Add Read more Script

  3. This template look like Metro Simple

    Do you provide ripped design?

  4. How can i delete the "related post" bar ?
    It shows broken image :/

  5. @Fred Ameba

    Use this css for hide it
    #related_posts {
    display: none;

    But this is not a correct and best way. this is a simple hide way


  6. How do I configure the widget menu in the sidebar (which in Demo says "Popular Posts", "Archive" and "Labels". Can't get it to work.

  7. @Alexander Ebel
    Go To Blogger Layout and Click On Add a Gadget. after you can see your own gadget easily :)

  8. Don't know exactly why at first it didn't - but it's working now.
    When I first tried the menu sat at the bottom of the sidebar, all gadgets above...

  9. @Alexander Ebel
    ok if any other question, please post here. i will help you


  10. Thank you!
    Well, here we go ;-)

    - Quick edit pencil is missing at the bottom of the posts
    - The "Add this"-Buttons at end of blog posts look nice, but don't work ...

  11. This Theme Footer Has "Share this post" Widgets. no need to add again add this javascript.

    quick edit pencil is not possible to add again, but you can try - Layout And click On edit on "Blog Post" Area. After Tick Pencil.

    Please Check This Image.Im Added Small Screen Shot For You


  12. ... but the Share-Buttons don't work. Look here, for example:

    And Quick Pencil is ticked to show up, but doesn't ...

  13. @Alexander Ebel
    Im Checked, its theme bug, please contact theme designer

  14. Hi, How can I remove this image

    from pages only. thank you.

  15. @MAX
    Search This Imgge Url And Delete it

    All Is Don

  16. Hello,

    How can I incorporate the random post, search box, slider, and social icon? I don't know how to work with codes. Please help. :(

  17. would you like to share the code to manage the summary post?

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