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Haletanis Lux Blogger Template

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Haletanis Lux Blogger Template Is a Premium Wordpress To blogger Converted Blogger Template
More About Haletanis Lux Blogger Template
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Haletanis Lux Blogger Template
DescriptionsFree Haletanis Lux Blogger Template is a Wordpress To blogger converted Blogger Template. Its 2 Column Blogger Template with 1 Right sidebar and 4 Column Footer area. This Template Design Using Dual Top Menu Link's Collection.This Dual Top Menu Links Has Jquery Base Drop down Option,  Haletanis Lux Theme Has 3 Column Quality Image Slider. Its Eye Cache Design. Header Right Side Placed 468Px Ads Banner FOr Advertiser's.Top Menu Link's Right Area Has Social Icon's Collection, (Rss, Email, Facebook and Twitter). This Template Design As a Gallery Blog, Simple "Read more" Button, Date stamp And Comment Button Placed Post Footer Area. If Blogger User Add Tags Widgets To Footer (Cloud Style Tags) Its Design Like as  a Block. You Can See It On Footer Area.This Template Design Css3 New Design Language. Search Box Hover Effect Design Using Css3. You Can Check it On Live Demo. Finaly this Template Design For Personal, Tech And Art Design Related Blogger blog's
Template Author -
DesignerLasindu Nadishan
Instructions URL How to install Blogger Template correctly ? How To Install a Blogger Template In New Blogger Interface
Tags search Haletanis Lux Blogger Template
Haletanis Lux Blogspot Template
Haletanis Lux B Template
Haletanis Lux Blogger Theme
Haletanis Lux Blogspot Theme
Haletanis Lux B Theme


  1. cool i'll use it for my blog

  2. @Admin
    Thanks You Pro, Thanks For use My Design

  3. hi thanks for the template but i just want to know how to change facebook and twitter url so when i click on them they direct me to my facebook page please answer me :)

  4. @Alex Lio

    Go To Blogger HTML Editor And Search This Cord

    <ul id='social'><li><a href='#' id='rss' title='RSS'></a></li><li><a href='#' id='twitter' title='Twitter'></a></li><li><a href='#' id='facebook' title='Facebook'></a></li><li><a href='#' id='feedburner' title='Feedburner'></a></li></ul>

    And Replace "#" With your URL

    All Is Don

  5. thanks what about the slider how can i remove it :) please

  6. @Abdellah L.

    Remove This Whole Code

    <div class='flexslider'>
    <ul class='slides'>
    <li><a href='' title='Introducing San Francisco'><img src=''/></a></li>
    <li><a href='' title='History of the Tower of London'><img src=''/></a></li>
    <li><a href='' title='Grand Central Station Visitors Tour'><img src=''/></a></li>
    <ul class='custom-controls'>
    <li class='slide-3 '><h3 class='slide-title'><a href='#'>Introducing San Francisco</a></h3></li>
    <li class='slide-3 '><h3 class='slide-title'><a href='#'>History of the Tower of London</a></h3></li>
    <li class='slide-3 last'><h3 class='slide-title'><a href='#'>Grand Central Station Visitors Tour</a></h3></li>

    After save

  7. Thank you so much you are a great helper , i used this template in my blog here :
    But as you can see all these post contain this word " undefined " . If you please fix this thre problems that i have on this template , i would kiss your head :)
    -First : The word "undefined"
    -Second : I don't know why but i put the number of post showen on the main page to 8 but when i reach this number an post like the 9th post i only see one post on the main page or in labels
    -Third : the ad section on the top is (468x60) and i want to change it to (720x90)
    these are my only problems i know it's too much but i'll really appreciate if you answer me please. Thank you :)

  8. ok i fixed the "undefined" word problem but still the other ones please help

  9. @Abdellah L.
    Im See YOur Site. But why Are You Removed Footer Credit? Its Not Your design, So You Should Save Footer Credit

    If You Save Links I will Help You

  10. ah sorry i was playing around with the HTML Code and i forgot to change it :)

  11. @Abdellah L.
    Ok Thanks For Add My Link Again, What You Need Now

  12. ok i want to change the header ad section to 728x90

  13. and there is my problem with posts , when i reach 8 post and then post a new one i only see 1 post on the main page please help me with these two problems :)

  14. @Abdellah L.

    first add new 8 post to blog(Test post). this problem is a common problem for blogger themes. you can see your 8 post on your site,


  15. This comment has been removed by the author.
  16. Hi, great template. I'm using in my blogspot:
    But i have a question...
    Can i put the date at the end of any post(mm/dd)? I want to take off the hour and put the date...

  17. @Daniel Cavalcante
    yes you can, go to setting's - Language and formatting,

    after you can change Date Header Format and Timestamp Format

    all is don

    Any Question, Please contact me


  18. Anonymous

    Hey lasindu, amazing theme here! I just want to know how to remove the slider? Please? Help!

  19. @Habib Jiwan
    This is a Slider Code, Remove This Code

    <ul class='slides'>
    <li><a href='' title='Introducing San Francisco'><img src=''/></a></li>
    <li><a href='' title='History of the Tower of London'><img src=''/></a></li>
    <li><a href='' title='Grand Central Station Visitors Tour'><img src=''/></a></li>

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