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Haralampi Lux Blogger Template

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Haralampi Lux Blogger Template is a Clean Wordpress To Blogger Converted Blogger Template
More About Haralampi Lux Blogger Template
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Haralampi Lux Blogger Template
DescriptionsHaralampi Lux Blogger Template is a Wordpress To Blogger converted Free Premium Blogger Template. Its 3 Column Gallery Style Blogger Template With 1 Right sidebar And 4 Column Footer area, Dual Top Menu Link's Collection With Small Social Icon's Set Placed Right Side Of Primary Top Menu Link's.Clean And Simple Image Slider Placed Top Of The Main Wrapper. Modern Cloud Label Collection With "Ul" And "Li" Tags Collection.Search Box Placed Right Side Of Header, This Search Box Design Using Css3, So Its Has transition Effect.This Haralampi Lux Blogger Theme Design For Simple And Premium Style Blogger Blog's
Template Author -
DesignerLasindu Nadishan
Instructions URL How to install Blogger Template correctly ? How To Install a Blogger Template In New Blogger Interface
Tags search Haralampi Lux Blogger Template
Haralampi Lux Blogspot Template
Haralampi Lux B Template
Haralampi Lux Blogger Theme
Haralampi Lux Blogspot Theme
Haralampi Lux B Theme


  1. effect

    Slider does not work. How to enable? I'd appreciate if you help.

  2. @effect
    Oh Its not possible

    Please Give Me Your Url. I Can Help You


  3. How do we make the slider work correctly?

  4. @_RollsJoyce
    We Updated This Theme Post

    Please Check This -

  5. Could you please tell me what should I change in the code to have 'Read more' option enabled ?

  6. @craving for beauty
    Sorry This theme design without "read More" button.

  7. thanks a alot bro.. but the title of small post not shown when the position is in homepage

  8. @ifulifu

    Please Post blog url, I can help you, thanks

  9. Another question - is there any chance to get 'Reply' option to the reader's comments as in basic blogger templates ?

  10. @craving for beauty
    Sure, You Can change It

  11. Hello, i speak of Brazil. Maybe my english is not very good, but i hope you can understand. I have a problem. In the primary menu bar, i would like to remove the links inside the site itself, thus i can put any link from another site.

    Understand me? Even more.

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