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Spray Mag Premium Blogger Template

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Spray Mag Premium Blogger Template Is a Premium And Responsive Blogger Template

You Can Buy This Template Here, And Contact Us With Your Email (Paypal Email) And Your Transaction Id, Im send This Theme To Your Email Within Maximum 2 Hours, Thanks


  1. Mark.K

    Im Check This On My Iphone. Its Work Well, SO Im Send Massage For you. Please check It

    Regards - Mark.K

  2. @Raza Roy
    Oh Im Sorry Bro, Im Forget Add Price to Promo Image

    Price is a $10 Friend

    Thanks And I Will Update Promo Iamge

  3. @Mark.K
    thanks For Your interest, Im Reply to Your Massage

  4. Hi, Lasindu,

    Its an Awesome template, i am interested in buying this template, But i need some Changes in this template can you do this for me??
    You may find my email address in your Inbox as i have also sent you a message through your website contact form.

    Waiting for a quick reply..

  5. Hello sir,

    Congratulations for your work, amazing template!

    I'm interested to buy it but i have a question..

    Camera slideshow supports active links? Because in the demo i see only images but i can't click on them!

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards

  6. @Ramnousia Nemesis
    Thanks Very much To interest My Theme. Im Not Design as a Slider Click Facility, But If You Want Slider With Links, Sure I Can Chnage This Theme For You, If You Buy This theme, We Will Help You To Change Slider With Active Link's

  7. @Ishwar
    Please Check Your Email, I Send Reply For YOu


  8. Sir i payed 10$ check ur paypal balance
    now i am waiting for template

  9. this is Transaction ID 9XH00051ND798402J

  10. @Raza Roy
    Your Payment Received, And Already Theme File Send


  11. Hello I need To Buy this. Before That I need to Remove The Side bar I mean Which One is Appear In The middle.

  12. @Isuru Nuwan
    Sure , I Can Help You, I Think You From Srilanka, Please Cantact Me Using This Link

  13. Anonymous

    Hello Sir...
    If I buy this template, can I use it for more than one blog?
    -- Davit

  14. Anonymous

    I am waiting for thiw theme on

  15. @Anonymous
    Im sorry for our small late, We Send Your Theme


  16. @Anonymous - Davit

    Im Sorry, $10 For Single User license. multi User license price is a $20


  17. Anonymous

    Drick Salio theme de pasie devange

  18. @Anonymous
    Please Use English

  19. Anonymous

    Olá LASINDU NADISHAN! sou do Brasil, Gostaria que me enviasse o tema (Spray Mag Premium Blogger Template) o mais rápido possível, pois preciso usá-lo em meu blog/site.

    A ID de transação está em seu e-mail. Obrigado! Estou no aguardo. Abraços

  20. @Ueliton Xavier
    Thanks Very much Friend, Your Theme Already Send

    Thanks to Use Our Service

  21. 60 Copy's Sold Out.... All Themes Delivered

  22. Daniel

    No more copies available?

  23. @Daniel
    very sorry, no more Free copy's available. But you Can Buy

  24. Santiago

    Hi, Sir. i payed 10$
    now i am waiting for template. transaction ID for this payment is: 7S458389BK057005E

  25. @Santiago
    Thanks Very much To Your Payment, Your Template Send

  26. I am interested in this template. at what price? when there is time tomorrow I will buy. thank you

  27. @arie murti chandra
    Sure You Can Buy


  28. Hello friends, send me the template for

    my id transaction 17P16898W1103712U

    Thanks already

  29. @Rene (
    Thanks Your Payment Received, Theme Send :)

  30. Anonymous

    @LASINDU NADISHAN, Hello My ID transaction is 7H472566SW3910007
    Send template to this email:
    I also send a message to your gmail.
    Thank you!

  31. @Anonymous
    Thanks For Your Payment, Your Payment Received, Please check my email. all files attached there

  32. lasindu, I would buy this template next week. I transfer the fee via paypal on Monday. please guided me and let me know by email when I make a deal, and how to proceed. Thank you for your attention

  33. @arie murti chandra
    Sure i can guide

    first you can click "buy Now" button to visit payment page, and pay

    after im send this theme file to your paypal email

    if my email late, you can send massage using contact page (

    please send transaction id and your paypal email address to me, to conform your payment


  34. Anonymous

    Template was ordered last nightvia paypal, please send follow-up email.
    Thank you,


  35. Hello Lasindu,
    My wife purchased the template last night, and sent you a comment with her transaction ID.Please send reply email/info.
    Thank you.

  36. @Bill Easlick

    im send theme file to your paypal email

    and check my massage


  37. @Anonymous
    all themes send,

    please send your paypal email and transaction id


  38. Lasindu,

    Template was ordered via paypal, please send follow-up email.

    Thank you,

    kosmas ioannidis

  39. @Πτηνοτρόφων Εστία
    thanks for your payment

    template already send


  40. Lasindu,

    i have sent you an email

  41. @Πτηνοτρόφων Εστία
    Please Check Your mail. reply send

  42. Hi
    Template was ordered via paypal, please send follow-up email.
    Transaction ID: 0LB27935F5578201H
    Than you very much for this great template

  43. Hi. nice template. I want to buy it. Can you remove the first column (next to slide) and enlarge slideshow and content area for me?

  44. @Armen Mkrtchyan
    i think we can connect with emails. please contact me using contact form


  45. @vanda mata
    Already Theme File Send

  46. Anonymous

    sir i've sent the payment sir..

    transaction ID : 3JY1955358307942A.

    i'm waiting for the template.

  47. @Anonymous
    hi Thanks To Buy Spraymag Blogger Theme. Please Check Your Email, Theme File Send

  48. I have sent the payment

    Transaction ID for payment is: 4BW27424G0071724S

    please send the template to this mail:

  49. @Armen Mkrtchyan

    Your Payment Received

    Please check your Paypal Email

    Theme File Send To Your Paypal Email


  50. is this template seo friendly?

  51. @Hknn
    Yes its seo friendly blogger template

  52. Ho fatto il pagamento. Attendo tua risposta.

  53. @Michele Buscè
    your theme delivered :)

  54. Ciao il browser chrome non visualizza le slide potresti aiutarmi?

  55. hi i am from INDIA i want to purchase Spray Mag Template can i purchase with PAYPAL ?

  56. @Michele Buscè
    Please Post Your blog url

    @Sidharth Pattnaik
    Sure, you can use paypal. if do you haven't paypal account, you can use moneybookers

  57. aley

    hello please check your email. my purchase detail for this item has been sent there (2 hour over)

  58. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 7RG17096MW602271H.

    Send My Template to

  59. @Sajedul Haque
    Theme Already Send :)

  60. Transaction ID: 1KA37192N3279761L
    send me:

  61. Transaction ID: 1KA37192N3279761L
    send me:

  62. @Trần Thế
    Please Check Your Email. Your Theme Already Send :)

  63. @Pravin Purohit
    Click Buy Now Button. Then You Can Buy This theme :)

  64. Hi,

    I have made the payment, please send me the template asap.


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