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WpTech Blogger Template

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WpTech Blogger Template Is a Free Premium Blogger Template Adapted From Wordpress Theme
More About WpTech Blogger Template
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name WpTech Blogger Template
DescriptionsWpTech Blogger Template is a 3 Column Blogger Template With 1 Left And 1 Right Sidebar's. Its Converted From Wordpress Theme. Top Menu Link's With Image Slider, Top Menu Link's and Tabs Widgets Design Using Jquery, Blue White and Gray Color Use For Complete This Design.Search Box Placed Top Of Right Sidebar. Dual Social Icon's Placed Top Of Header And Right Sidebar, 3 Column Footer Area With Auto Summarizing Option, WpTech Blogger Theme Design For Technology and Gadget Review Style Blogger Blog's
Template Author
DesignerSameera Chathuranga
Instructions URL How to install Blogger Template correctly ? How To Install a Blogger Template In New Blogger Interface
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WpTech Blogspot Template
WpTech B Template
WpTech Blogger Theme
WpTech Blogspot Theme
WpTech B Theme

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