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Johny Tampan Blogger Template

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Johny Tampan Blogger Template is a premium Gallery Style Blogger Template
More About Johny Tampan Blogger Template
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Johny Tampan Blogger Template
DescriptionsJohny Tampan Blogger Template is a High Quality Eye cache Blogger Template. Its Gallery Style Blogger Template With 5 Column's and 1 Left Sidebar's. 3 Column Footers And Quality Widgets hide Effect. Recent Post Auto Slider and News Animation Feed Placed Under The Top Menu Link's.Top Menu Links and Dual View Switch Option, 728Px Ads Banner placed Right Side of Header.This Johny Tampan Blogger Template Design For Premium Quality Blogger Blogs
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Instructions URL How to install Blogger Template correctly ? How To Install a Blogger Template In New Blogger Interface
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Johny Tampan Blogspot Template
Johny Tampan B Template
Johny Tampan Blogger Theme
Johny Tampan Blogspot Theme
Johny Tampan B Theme


  1. After adding this template. My blog is continuously refreshing itself. Please suggest me what to do.

    Here is my blog :

  2. @Chandu
    I Think Its On Your Ads, This Theme Haven't Any auto Refresh Script, So Please Remove Ads And Try


  3. @Lasindu Nadishan

    Thank you. I tried as you suggested. Now again I've added ads and every thing running very smooth this time. I Love this template. Great work.

    But i have another blog. Where i have applied the same template. But the Images of the posts from Movie Categories are not resized to thumbnail. They were displaying in original size (very big resolution instead of resizing only on that particular blog). That creating an odd look. Any suggestion please ?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. @Chandu
    I think I Can Help You, But I Need TO See Your Another Blog For Get Idea About It.


  5. @Lasindu Nadishan

    Here is my another blog. Actually i do all my experiments with my Dump99 and final result carried to my DLD99.

    My other blog address which ive said my problem earlier :

  6. @Chandu
    im visited Your blog, this problem is a your blog post, you should add your lable url there

    after you can see correct result

  7. This is my test blog and slideshow doesn't work. What can i do? -

  8. @Dfar
    Its Your Javascript Problem, Please Re Install Java Files.

  9. how to add movie categories, this is my site

  10. @Indian

    im visited your blog. and im see your blog using jhoney blogger template. but im seen you Removed footer Credit's. you should save footer credit, if not i cant help you


  11. firstly thax so much but i have a problem
    when i put this template google search ignore my blog i cant found any post in google how do i do

  12. @LEXORCiST
    Its Not Theme Problem.You should Seo Your Site, After You Can See Links Index

  13. Hello, i have a problem with the slider, now it doesen't work and i don't understand why !!
    there's my blog :


  14. i visited your blog, you slider work well

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