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Daxy Blogger Template

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Daxy Blogger Template is a clean 3 column wp to blogger converted template
More About Daxy Blogger Template
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Daxy Blogger Template
DescriptionsDaxy Blogger Template is a one of new wp to blogger converted modern blogger template. its 3 columns blogger template with 2 right sidebar and 4 column footer area. center column have social icons collection and tabs wight, this tab wight help to manage your blogger widgets. dual top menu links and 468px ads banner placed header area. top right corner have search box. blog users can search content and filter data. Daxy Blogger Template design for design and tech related blogger blogs.
Template Author
DesignerLasindu Nadishan /
Instructions URL How to install Blogger Template correctly ? How To Install a Blogger Template In New Blogger Interface
Tags search Daxy Blogger Template
Daxy Blogspot Template
Daxy B Template
Daxy Blogger Theme
Daxy Blogspot Theme
Daxy B Theme

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